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About Artifacto

Artifacto is a project and item management system tailored to conservation workshops, with the goal of freeing up time spent on paperwork. Artifacto keeps track of your projects and related items throughout the conservation process, as well as the necessary conservation tasks. Additionally, Artifacto can generate conservation reports in PDF format, using standard texts and added images. As well as the ability to send the report to the selected contact, by email.
Artifacto digitizes analogue processes, enabling you to search and find the information needed in seconds. The digitization also provides a transparency in the processes, and thereby making it easier to get an overview of the progress.

Developed by Hexio

Artifacto was developed in cooperation with the Danish Conservation Center, Bevaring Sjælland. The conservation center needed to digitize their workflow, to provide a better overview of running processes. To solve this issue, Hexio developed Artifacto, tailored to their specific needs.


  • Photos from Fonden Bevaring Sjælland
  • Photos from Fonden Bevaring Sjælland
  • Photos from Fonden Bevaring Sjælland
  • Photos from Fonden Bevaring Sjælland
  • Photos from Fonden Bevaring Sjælland


Artifacto is packed with useful features. Everything from internal communications and wiki, to project, item and report management.

Item Reports

Generation of Conservation Reports, as PDF.

Project Management

Keep track of projects, small as large. Create a complete overview.

Time Management

Register the time spent on conservation projects. To create digital transparency

Customer Handling

Keep track of customers and their associated contacts.

Responsive Design

Artifacto is a web platform built with responsive design. This allows you to use Artifacto on all platforms and screen sizes. Smartphones, tablets, laptops and regular desktop computers.

  • Text Hover

Internal Wiki

Internal knowledge sharing with categorization.


Communicate internally in the system.

Email report deliver

Easy delivery of reports by email.

Multi Language

The system supports multiple languages. We can add yous!


See more of the system in the screenshots below.


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